terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2008

O Vazio

O vazio a minha volta
exaspera me
fazendo com que
a mentira a minha volta
conforte me

Tanto que falo,tanto que vejo,
tanto que desejo,tanto que me falta,
e absolutamente nada completa me.

Tudo que uma vez pensei fazer algum sentido,
agora não são muito mais que coisas que me passam pela cabeça
enquanto estou no quarto a olhar pela janela,
e deparo me com um silencio acerbo,que domina todo
o meu ser, que faz me sentir nostalgica, que as vezes me tira
a esperança e que me faz sentir saudades duma coisa que nunca tive.

Assusta me, olhar para o passado e ver tudo apagado,
olhar para o futuro e ver tudo em branco, olhar para o
presente e sentir isto tudo.

quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Bem... isto que vem a seguir é só uma tentativa de melhorar a minha escrita.
Despois de ler e prestar muita atenção no que ando a escrever, percebi que o faço muito mal, ou pelo menos com muitos erros e "lacunas".
Enfim depois de ver um filme que ja tinha visto muitas vezes, e estar dois dias trancada no quarto numa daquelas manias de "isolada do mundo" comecei a escrever ao calhas, quem ler isto vai perceber que as vezes as coisas perdem se ali pelo caminho ou seja continuam masl escritas, mas o que vale é escrever ... quanto mais treinar, melhor escrevo... ou não...

Ah! e antecipadamente peço desculpa pelo meu deficiente inglês. ^^

What about the “industry of cool”?

As I'm seating in my room just making a mental review of the bands that I "like" and "kinda like"
I get myself criticizing one of the bands that goes in the group of, I "kinda like" and that is, Seether.
Seether isn't a band that I really know the story, so if you are expecting a worked-ass-off article, you better stop reading 'cause this isn't an article that took all the investigation that an article usually takes... actually... I don't believe this is an article...
So... Seether, I believe I can say that they have really nice songs, that makes people jump up and scream singing the lyrics all wrong and stuff, they have a great singer/guitarist that doesn't have a voice that we find in every rock man nowadays, then we have the fact that they aren't really that famous, so they aren't corrupted by the industry of cool, tough...
they still don't get the point.
When I say that, I mean that we buy the CD -like I did - because we listen in the CD store that one minute in those machines with the headphones and if the band is kinda good as Seether are, and you listen to the first riffs and drumms beats of course you think - "dude, this is some great shit over here..."- but then you go home happy with your CD but when you get to listen to it, seem that you're listening anything but not what you've just bought. I kinda like Seether… and even respect their music, I mean we have to think that they have to share the same section of simple plan in the stores, and I won’t even compare both bands ‘cause that would make me an impolitely person.
The thing is, today you turn the TV on MTV or any other music channel and it is all the same shittie music, the good stuff that still there, older bands like Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam, make the difference because they are from the real generation of rock n' roll, I mean is not like a choice take them off there, because they're just too good to be out.
The new generation of rock n’ roll bands are so sad!!! And I don't mean sad like emo, I mean sad.
It's just some music that we can't call rock, where are the Nirvanas, Led Zeppelins, ACDCs??? Where??
We don't see that anymore, we just see people worried about the great clothing stuff and stupid scandals
like put their damn pictures naked on the internet. It's incredible but most of the bands call attention because
of everything but not their music - and here I'm just talking about rock music.
It’s even awkward when any person I know tries to make a band because the first thing I think is “will they be another stupid band that just think about anything but not music?” tough I have to say that my wish is someday turn the TV on or even look at some of my friends bands...or even to my own band and think “will that be the new greatest rock n’roll band ever?”
If I think that is possible?? Well …rock stars, before rock stars were just a few guys practicing in the garage.

quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2008

It was a really cold december night...
They could still feel the smeel of the rain all around.
they were running as fast as they could all the way down of the lonely street.
The only noise they could hear was the noise of their shoes tapping on the floor.
They were sweating but, the
air they were breathing was almost freezing their lungs...
One of the boys looked behind and didn't see anything, and they were too tired to keep running, so he showed to the other boy a little door that was hidden in a horrendous and dark alley.
They came in.
There was lots of old things all over the floor, and a lamp full of dust.
The first boy trip over something, making a lot of noise... the other one closed the door and looked at him with a frightened face and whispering said:
- shuuuuuuuusssssh...! they are coming.